Saturday, February 20, 2010

Respiration Rates Mammal Vs Reptile Reptile Vs. Mammal In Cellular Respiration When In 10 Deg. C?

Reptile vs. Mammal in Cellular Respiration when in 10 deg. C? - respiration rates mammal vs reptile

25 g and 25 g reptile species of mammals are in an environment of 10 ยบ C. What would be a higher rate of cell respiration? Reptiles are cold-blooded mammals and are warm blooded, ... Please help? This is for AP Biology Laboratory. : P


pyles_m said...

Hello I do so now that the laboratory. I think the answer would be, because most mammals are active at temperatures colder than reptiles, it takes more energy. To produce more energy, breathe faster than reptiles, and will therefore consume more oxygen.

ecolink said...

Mammals to remain active and use the breath to produce heat to maintain body temperature. Mammals have a higher rate of cell respiration.

Cold-blooded reptiles have declined dramatically, your body processes and require less energy. Your breathing rate is much lower.

Kenny H said...

Well, since most mammals are warm-blooded breath, which maintain their body temperature.

And I'm just a regular biology = p

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